What lies ahead for aesthetics in photography and the visual arts in general?

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Our society is changing at such a rapid pace like never before in human history. Technological advances have changed our lives in almost all areas, it has not only changed the way we view the world and how we interact with our world but is also changing our values and aesthetics along with it. 

The question here is : will the emerging art forms and visual aesthetics evolve as a natural evolutionary process? Or will new aesthetics values be born out of a world that has changed so rapidly that the evolutionary process in visual arts is turned on its head? 

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Better Mobile Photography

Improve your cell phone photography or How to Take Good Photos With Your Phone ( Part I )

It may seem that at this time mobile photography is the winner in terms of images taken and shared online and some may argue that images from mobile cameras are slowly wining on the print front too.

At the end, the cell phone is a camera that this almost always with you and thus you may end up using it, unlike your DSLR or Mirrorless camera that may sometimes seem excessive to take out with you. So how do we make sure we get the best photos out of our mobile phones?

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Bold Yellow.

When thinking about the color yellow, we immediately think Van Gogh or Gustav Klimt’s golden yellow.

Who else used yellow pigments in such a powerful and bold way? But how does yellow translate into photographic terms?

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