Camera sensor cleaning kit

No matter how careful one is, a time comes when we need to clean our lenses and cameras. Dust and particles are the biggest polluters of our photography gear.

This is especially true when we change lenses outdoors or even indoors, miniature particles enter the lens and sensor and display themselves as nasty dark spots in the final images. Often cleaning the dust spots may be a tedious and time consuming effort. In addition sometimes the dust spots end up on a part of the image where is is difficult to remove if they are in a bright sensitive part of the image. For those reasons it is always better to clean the sensor and lenses than cleaning the dust spots in photoshop or any other image processing application.

Full frame cleaning kit

It is important to know that one is actually not touching the sensor, as all sensors in digital cameras have a fine protective glass on top of the sensor so we are actually not touching the sensor itself.

The easiest and most effective way is using a swab. First we have to choose the right swabs for the type of sensor in our camera, full fame or APSC type. The swabs are identical the only difference is in the size of the swab width to mach the sensor glass size.

APSC cleaning kit

The swabs come with a cleaning solution, a drop or two on the tip of the swab is enough in most cases. Swipe the swab in one direction in one continues move, then turn the tip of the swab and repeat from opposite direction. it is that easy. To test if the spots have been removed take a shot at a white wall and see if you can detect any dust spots.

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