Experimentation and the other side of portraits.

Portraits, experimentation in photography. Moments photography magazine

We have grown to love portraits, from Roman funeral portraits through the Renaissance and modern artistic movements in the 21st century.
And how wouldn’t we, they are exciting and captivating, They all had that ultimate common goal, to capture the expression, likeness and personality within a mood that they may convey.

So after all that we have witnessed through history of art, how do we go about experimenting with portraits today?

Portraits, experimentation in photography, momentsmag, moments photography magazine
Portraits, experimentation

As our age is without doubt the age of the “digital self”, it may be appropriate to be involved with some kind of digital aid to enhance the experimentation accordingly. We can see that already happening at a large scale in the last 10 years especially in the form of “the art of the selfie” a digital portrait mainly captured with a cellphone. The selfie introduced with it many alternatives in stylistic terms with layers and filters that mimic different photographic processes but made little advancements in its visual form and introduced a rather uniformed stylistic output.

So does that mean that a flat photographic portrait is simply outdated? or how to add new visual excitement to a photographic portrait that hasn’t changed much in the last 60 years?
Telling stories with portraits is a powerful visual statement, especially environmental portraits and documentary work. For classical portraiture experimentation is crucial as it takes on existing models of representation and turns them around into new visual projections where some turn out to be more successful than others.

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