Red, a love & hate relationship.

How can one even describe a color like red?
To us today, the color red is more than just a color. It is ubiquitous to urban explorers. it is on billboards, incorporated in brands, flags, traffic lights, on alert signs, it is even on women’s lips around the world.

As humans we have been witnessing the reddish color of sunrise and sunset since the dawn of humanity. Our ancestors started using the red pigments (Ochre) clay pigmented by hematite as a source to paint their faces and bodies for rituals but also as a paint to depict the walls of the caves with items and scenes from their lives that mattered to them. The color of blood is red. Fresh Meat is red and thus for hundreds of thousands of years through evolution red was the color of plenty, the color of food, the color of something that is desirable and good. – ( Excerpt from Moments Mag, No.2 )


The color Red. A love and hate relationship.
The color Red. A love and hate relationship.

Momentsmag, zine No. 2

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