What if Donald Trump was a photographer? what would his imagery look like?

A series on various historic and prominent figures and how would they see the world if they were photographers.

Donald Trump being a businessman and the 45th president of the United States may be an unusual person for some to imagine as a photographer, but I think that he would produce some interesting work based on some key elements.

One element is his direct method of communication, pure business and directly to the point. Another important key element is, Intuition.

His success as a businessman improved and sharpened his vision to strive to be one step ahead of his competitors. This would enable him to exactly see in a scene what he wants to capture and why. Once he would focus on a scene there would be no second thoughts, it would be spot on. It would be guided by pure intuition.

His photographic style would without doubt be similar to William Eggleston, maybe even one step further as he would not hesitate to experiment with different approaches or mediums.

What if Donald Trump was a photographer?
What if Donald Trump was a photographer? Imaginary image, Moments Mag

One thing is certain: one frame would be enough for a specific subject. He would not go back to photograph the same subject within a short period of time, in other words, he would not take two frames of the same subject in one instance from different angles. His style and approach is too direct and too bold for him to repeat himself.

Color for him would be of upmost importance as it would elevate the significance of the subjects.

What if Donald Trump was a photographer? photography articles, Moments Mag
What if Donald Trump was a photographer? Imaginary image, Moments Mag

For him the mundane world would provide a canvas for a larger picture and explanation, a beauty of complexity, something that at a glance seems so ordinary yet powerful enough to have more than one meaning.
To the audience his final frames would surely have that direct “love-hate” implication. In a sense similarly as with Eggleston. There would be no mixed feelings about his photographs, one would either like them or not.

As always, it is a fun experiment.

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