What if Hermann Hesse was also a photographer?

A series on various historic and prominent figures and how would they see the world if they were photographers.

What would his photography look like?
The poet and novelist with works like Steppenwolf and Siddhartha would likely have been involved in experimental conceptual work.

moments mag, No.2 photography magazine. If H Hesse was also a photographer.
If Hermann Hesse was also a photographer. Moments Magazine, No.2

How would his seamless prose that flows through spiritual ideas reflect in photographic frames?
Would he like “Siddhartha” roam the world capturing on his journeys images of humanity, images of conflict, images of suffering in an effort to find answers ? It certainly is a compelling thought.

He would most probably be carefully arranging and sequencing his frames, as in his writings, single frames or in his case ideas, would not have much meaning by themselves, but carefully arranged frames in their continuity would open a world of understanding and present a larger picture.

The sequenced frames would allow the viewers to deduct their meanings through personal worldly experiences. – Moments Mag, No.2

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