What lies ahead for aesthetics in photography and the visual arts in general?

Our society is changing at such a rapid pace like never before in human history. Technological advances have changed our lives in almost all areas, it has not only changed the way we view the world and how we interact with our world but is also changing our values and aesthetics along with it. 

The question here is : will the emerging art forms and visual aesthetics evolve as a natural evolutionary process? Or will new aesthetics values be born out of a world that has changed so rapidly that the evolutionary process in visual arts is turned on its head? 

It is crucial that we distinguish between aesthetics and taste, and it is taste that in post social media culture is overtaking the notion of aesthetics. The danger of this change is that “taste” ( mainly driven by mass media and elite cultural values) is being viewed as the driving force of aesthetical values and judgements.

We may see a problem arising from two different spheres;

On one side we have the elite cultural values that may be entangled in different agendas ( promoting and glorifying various ideas ) while on the other hand we can ask a simple question like: How will a generation that does not read, that does not view art through it’s historical milestones and evolutionary paths, a generation that has such limited attention span setup artistic and aesthetic standards for the world tomorrow ?

Perhaps there is no one answer to that question but if we may put it in simplistic terms, it may be that our philosophical understanding of art and aesthetics principals is in a steep evolutionary path, a path that is overriding some philosophical ideas that we have been following for the last hundred years. Today we are connected as never before, and as new times creates new artistic movements and cultural identities, new art emerges with new values that follow the changes in societal norms and changes within the society itself. 

Perhaps there is also no right or wrong in this instance or maybe there never was right or wrong in the first place.

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